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Shuiyunlong Dance with Water Dragon

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The sacrificial performance of "Shuiyunlong" in Anju Ancient City is a unique form of dragon dance in the region. The "Shuiyunlong" in Anju has always maintained its primitive ruggedness  and simplicity, which shows the power of faith, but also the people’s persistence. With a primitive style, the smoke wreathe when dancing so that the dragon is faintly discernible. The whole bright-coloured dragon shuttles in the clouds and mists. Sometimes the dragon head would swing side by side, and suddenly go under its body; sometimes, its tail would get a hard shake, and go under its body as well. At the place where the dragon would go by, people would worship the dragon with holy spring water pouring on the body of the dragon and thus the dragon would bless them good fortune. Along the way, the whole street becomes a world of water.