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Han Lin Wang’s Mansion

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The Han Lin Wang’s Mansion built in the Ming Dynasty, originally named Heavenly Mansion, was a former residence belonging to the distinguished Wang’s family in Anju Ancient Cityin the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Located at the foot of the Hualong Mountain, it is commonly known as Tiger Jumping Ashore. A poem versed in praise of the mansion, “Hualong Mountain in the back, double jade rings in the front; thousands of people arch their hands together, a myriad bright lamps being lit.”

In the Ming Dynasty, Wang family cultivated 3 Jinshies including Wang Jian, Wang Yi, and Wang Bin, and 4 Jurenes including Wang Yin, Wang Chen, Wang Ji, and Wang Jishi; during Kangxi and Qianlong’ reign in the Qing Dynasty, the family again cultivated 3 Jinshies and 1 Juren including Wang Shu, Wang Rujia, Wang Ruzhou, Wang Rubi (father and sons). father Wang Shu and Son Wang Rujia were both members of the Imperial Academy, and Wang Rubi was a nationally renowned poet known as Bayu Grand Master. A poem by Tan Changda, a native of the county, versed that:

Even dragons hid at the first sight , and memories about “Bie Gou” were too blurred.

Only the Wang family won plentiful places in competitive imperial examinations, wooden memorial archways towered up busy streets.

Han Lin Wang’s Mansion was built beside the mountain as a three-row courtyard, and was demolished in 2001, and only the middle and back halls are preserved now. The back hall was inhabited by General Liu Jingyan, the son-in-law of the Wang family and Anti-Japanese patriotic general in the early Republic of China, and later visited by Military Commander Liu Bocheng in 1916 for therapy in Anju.