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Scenic Temple

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The Scenic Temple, the most popular temple in the ancient town, was built during the An Lushan Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty by Lu Qian, a descendant of Lu Ban, at the request of Zhou Shunfu, a rich man from Anju, who visited Stone Buddha Temple in Suizhou (now Suining Guangde Temple) to seek help from Lu Qian. It’s said that, the temple was not named at that time. Later an eminent monk passed by and resided here for 3 days, saying “continuous mountains constitute mountain ranges, continuous waters constitute waves”, hence the temple was named the Scenic Temple. Inscriptions of Han Yu, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, and Mi Fu, a calligrapher in the Song Dynasty, are preserved at the top of the temple. “Eagles fly in the air and fishes leap in the water” by Han Yu and “The First Mountain” by Mi Fu enhance each other’s beauty to bring honor to the Scenic Temple.