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Heavenly Palace

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Located at the foot of Guanzi Mountain behind the Town God Temple, the Heavenly Palace, originally named Wuxian Shrine, was repaired by the famous Taoist priest Tan Zixia who came to Anju to preach during the Five Dynasties (907-960 AD). At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, it was rebuilt into Xuantian Palace. During Emperor Kangxi’s reign, in order to avoid using the name of Emperor Xuanye, Xuantian Palace was renamed the Heavenly Palace. The palace is dedicated to Truly Valiant Great Emperor, who is also known as Dark Heavenly Highest Deity, Dark Valiant Emperor or Immeasurable Ancestor, and full name is Truly Valiant Exorcising Emperor. He is the Emperor of the North, the famous Emperor of Jade King in Taoism, also known as the Truly Valiant Emperor. It is said that he was the 82nd reincarnation of the Supreme Lord and was born in the Western Pure Land. The queen of the Western Pure Land dreamed that she swallowed the sun and became pregnant, and gave birth to Supreme Mystery after 14 months of pregnancy. Supreme Mystery was intelligent since childhood. At the age of 10, he was able to read various books and did not forgot what he read. But being only interested in Taoism, he devoted himself to Taoism and swore to conquer all demons. At the age of 14, he began to seek for a Taoism teacher, and coincidentally he met the Primordial Lord of Purple Voidness, and then succeeded in mastering the "Supreme Way of Wuji". At the age of 15, he followed his teacher's instructions and traveled eastward across the sea to the present Wudang Mountain for cultivation. 42 years later, he finally became a Taoist, and was ordered by the Jade Emperor to guard the north and take charge of the position of Dark Valiant to suppress demons, and eliminate devils, and save lives. Legend has it that he was the third emperor of heaven after the abdication of the Jade Emperor, and the father of the Emperors Yan and Huang. We are all descendants of Emperors Yan and Huang, also descendants of the Truly Valiant Great Emperor.