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Town God Temple

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The Town God Temple is located at the foot of Guanzi Mountain in west Anju, facing the east. The temple was originated from the worship for the god of the moat in ancient times. According to Zhou Gong, the Town God was one of the eight major gods. “Town” originally referred to high walls made from rammed earth, and “Moat” originally referred to a town moat without water. The ancients believed that things closely related to life have gods in them, hence they deified “Town” and “Moat” as guardian gods. The Town God is divided into four levels, the capital Town God, prefectural Town God, state Town God, and county Town God. Anju is a county-level unit, but the Town God is the highest of all and the cause can be traced back to a series of stories triggered by Emperor Zhu Yunwen’s arrival. The plaque above the main hall, “Sin Mirror Hanging on High”, also well reflects Taoist ideas, meaning that the Town God's treasure - sin mirror keeps an eye on three religions on earth. Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang once said, “the Town God is jointly established, so that people know fear, and one dares not to do anything bad with fear in mind”, this traditional cause-and-effect education regulates moral behaviors of civilians.