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Gate to Welcome Emperor

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The Gate to Welcome Emperor is located at the intersection of the Qiong River and Fu River in northwest Anju on the side of Guanzi Mountain. It was first built in the Song Dynasty, and rebuilt in the middle period of Emperor Chenghua’s reign in the Ming Dynasty. According to old local chronicles, the Longmen Mountain lies two miles away from the upper reaches of Anju Ancient Cityunder the jurisdiction of Anju. Dragon Pond is located two miles deep in the Longmen Mountain, and Dragon-receiving Bridge stands in front of the Longmen Mountain. On the Longmen Mountain, there is Longmen Academy built by Su Ruli in the Northern Song Dynasty. To go to sea, dragons must pass through the intersection of the Qiong River and Fu River, so the ancestors named the West Gate as the Gate to Welcome Emperor.

Legend has it that Zhu Yunwen, Jianwen Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, came to Anju after leaving the palace, and arrived at the Town God Temple for a temporary stay via the West Gate. Later, he went to live in Guanyin Temple in deep mountains ten miles away in west Anju via this gate. After his death, civilians renamed the Guanyin Temple as Emperor Returning Temple and the West Gate as the Gate to Welcome Emperor in his honor.